Blogging is hard…

16. Oct 2009 Comments 0 comments

.. let’s go shopping? Not quite, but there actually is some truth to it. When I first started blogging, I got my start – the Home Of The Rant – on livejournal. First on the free edition, and then, when I needed more features, on the paid edition. And writing is indeed rather addictive, so [...]

The Whole Foods Boycott

15. Aug 2009 Comments 0 comments

Being thoroughly disgusted with Whole Foods’ CEO’s opinion piece regarding health care, I have decided to boycott “Whole Paycheck”. It wasn’t a particularly hard decision, since I already mostly shop locally or at Trader Joe’s. And since health care reform in general is something I deeply care about, I joined the Facebook boycott group, and [...]

Now that’s a landing page

13. Aug 2009 Comments 0 comments

I was searching for some information recently, and one of the Google results brought me to Circle Six Designs landing page. (And unfortunately led me to realize they are out of business now..) The fact that a search actually brings up relevant other entries from the blog is something that I like very much. If [...]

Backing up your Internet Life

10. Jul 2009 Comments 1 comment

I’m still struggling with how to handle backup of all my Internet content – I simply don’t trust anybody to keep data 100% secure. (Something about eggs and a basket…). And I just ran into a solution for backing things up that just might be the right thing: Lifestream Backup Besides the fact that it [...]

Why I live in California…

06. Jul 2009 Comments 2 comments

I just came back from cruise to Mexico with my in-laws, all relaxed. Petra’s Dad wanted to know about the news in Germany – and this is the picture that greets me. Hail? In July? With hail balls almost several inches in diameter? And while it’s rare, it’s not an unheard-of occurrence. German summers do [...]

iCalFix News – It’s gone Open Source!

11. Jun 2009 Comments 0 comments

I know, I know. I haven’t updated iCalFix for way too long, and there are dozens of features people would like to see. I’ve been dreaming of adding them since I started iCalFix, but in the harsh light of day, I don’t have enough time to follow through on them. So I’ve finally decided to [...]


12. Apr 2009 Comments 7 comments

It’s been a bad year for writing on this blog, since I’ve been preoccupied with other issues. Thankfully, I’m finally at a point where I can share what was going on.

Is it 1984 again?

24. Feb 2009 Comments 5 comments

Looking at the situation in console video games right now, I feel there are eerie similarities to the time of “the great video game crash” of 1984.

Three Rules of link-checking

16. Feb 2009 Comments 1 comment

And it happened again this morning – somebody tweeting about an article on the “2nd great Depression”. Since I’m interested in the economy I clicked and read. And was ready to jump through the screen and strangle somebody.