Well, almost. Ever since I installed Tiger on my trusty old PowerBook, things were kind of sluggish. Mind you, not sluggish enough to really annoy me, but less zippy. So I finally decided to dig in and find out why.

My first thought was “must be the laptop, it’s getting old”. Then again, it’s not that old – only 3 years, which (for Apple users) is not that long. Plus, OSX has this nice tendency to actually get faster with new releases, not slower. So I took a longer look at resource usage.

Turns out, it’s Apple’s new shiny toy, the Dashboard. It’s a memory hog!

Well, after a little bit of digging, I find an old article on Deeper Motive, pointing me to a nice little tool called DashOnOff.

And it works like a charm. Installation happens automatically when you use it (Thank you, Apple!), and it is just another preference pane in your system preferences. (Plus, as a geek benefit, the button to change settings is called “Make it so!” – gotta love that)

And, indeed, my computer is back to its old spiffyness immediately after turning off Dashboard. While it was kind of nice to have around, the only thing I had really running on there was the daily weather prediction – and I can get that in Safari without any problems at all.


  1. Paul wrote on 12. Oct 2005

    If you like widgets, check out Konfabulator. Not only are they the original Mac widget makers (remember Kaleidoscope?) but the widgets are cross platform so you can have the same ones on your PowerBook and your PC!

  2. Robert Blum wrote on 12. Oct 2005

    Hehe – I used Konfabulator before Dashboard. Way before. And it was about as useful and resource-hoggy as dashboard.

    No, widgets are eye candy. These days I get all the stuff I need through RSS anyways. But thanks for the tip!

  3. green LA girl wrote on 26. Oct 2005

    Sometimes I really wanna comment on your blog just to say hi, I dropped by — but dude, this techie stuff is waaay over my head –

    Hi :)

  4. john johnson wrote on 22. Nov 2010

    how do i find free space on my computer

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