_Update: iCalFix 0.6 released_

After a long delay, iCalFix 0.5 is ready, and it’s a Universal Binary!

So what else is new?

  • No more SIMBL.
    iCalFix is now an InputManager all of its own, saving you the hassle of having to get another package. That means you should uninstall your previous version of iCalFix.

  • There’s a preference pane.
    No more editing of obscure plist files in strange directories – just go to preferences, and set your preferences for the default alarm. Yes, there’s no icon yet. On the other hand, you don’t want to see /my/ drawing skills, and a professional icon designer is out of the question for now. (You could always donate….)

  • Last Alarm settings no longer retained.
    iCalFix will now always use the preferences as specified in the preferences pane.

  • The announcement list is finally in place
    Send mail to icalfix-announce-subscribe with the subject line ‘subscribe’, and you’ll get informed whenever there are major developments and new versions of iCalFix.

Download iCalFix 0.5!

Now that I’ve finally got a decently-powered Mac (Go MacBook!), there’ll definitely be lots more to come. Feedback, feature requests and comments are welcome at rob [dot] blum [at] gmail [dot] com.

As always, I appreciate any kind of support. Visit my friendly sponsors, or donate via PayPal. And if you need a web hosting provider, sign up with dreamhosts – my provider – and use the promotion code ‘GROBY’ (without the quotes). You’ll receive a $50 discount off your hosting costs, and I’ll get a referral bonus.

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  1. BWhaler wrote on 17. Jul 2006

    Great app.

    This fixes the most annoying missing feature in iCal. In fact, I am utterly amazed that Apple has not put this feature in.

    But thanks for writing this app. It’s wonderful.

  2. Jon Mountjoy wrote on 18. Jul 2006

    Thanks! For those of you who can’t remember, to install the older versions remove it from ~/Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins

  3. DS wrote on 19. Jul 2006

    I don’t seem to have an input manager folder… The shortcut doesn’t work and spotlight finds no such folder… Am i missing it?

  4. Robert Blum wrote on 19. Jul 2006

    Ah. My bad. Apple doesn’t create that folder by default, so you need to do it by hand – installer is scheduled for 0.6.

    Simply go to /Library (or the Library folder in your home directory) and create a folder called InputManagers in there. That’s all you need to do.

  5. Jan Peters wrote on 19. Jul 2006

    The integrated birthday calender which displays all birthdays from the address book comes without any reminder. Do you think you could add these as well with iCalFix ?

  6. Robert 'Groby' Blum wrote on 19. Jul 2006

    The birthday calendar thing is definitely on the feature list. I’m making no promises when it hits, but it is fairly high on said list.

  7. Tim wrote on 19. Jul 2006

    I followed the instructions to a tee, and I still have no ical fix preference pane in my ical preferences.

  8. Tim wrote on 19. Jul 2006

    Nevermind . . . apparently I didn’t follow the instructions to a tee. I just dragged the ical fix bundle and not the entire file to my inputmanagers folder. Oopsie!

  9. andy diller wrote on 19. Jul 2006

    One note: your readme says “/Libraries” when it is “/Library”

    And is the folder InputManger or InputManagers ?

    Again, your readme says “InputManager” but your comment above says “InputManagers”

    Otherwise, this seems like an essential piece of software.

  10. Robert Blum wrote on 19. Jul 2006

    Hi Andy!

    Thanks, and duly noted. Will be fixed in next version. And it’s


  11. pH3lixM@N wrote on 05. Aug 2006

    I love your plugin! It really makes my life easier. But when I install it and open any application, a dialog box pops out:

    “It seems like you accidentally copied iCalFix into SIMBL support folder. Please remove it and re-install. iCalFix will still continue to run, but this might cause problems in future versions”

    I have no idea what SIMBL support folder means. I did install iCalfix in the right place (/Library/InputManagers).

    Can you help me to remove this annoying dialog box?

  12. Dwayne wrote on 14. Aug 2006

    Hey can you do the same for tasks tooo or is that too much.. or when i at least drag a task too the calendar and it turns it to an appointment..it creates the alarm

  13. Dwayne wrote on 14. Aug 2006

    Using the kgtd system.. i usually drag from tasks from the task list to the calendar… to make me commit to doing it.. and I forgot to say.. THANKS!!!

  14. Jeremy Wilson wrote on 18. Aug 2006

    I was hoping it would provide the same functionality as the regular iCal alarm, in that it could do a variety of things, such as run an external script. I’d like to be able to call Growl for example.

    But this will fit the bill for now! Thanks!

  15. Robert 'Groby' Blum wrote on 18. Aug 2006

    There will be more alarm functionality, and there will be Growl support built in.

    I haven’t figured out if I still can afford doing that for free, though…

  16. teno wrote on 23. Aug 2006


    I had the same problem. For me, the dialog went away when I put the folder in ~/Library/InputManagers

    Note the difference – this is in my home directory in /Users

  17. Dave K. wrote on 03. Sep 2006

    I just downloaded Icalfix to give it a try. The installation instructions say to put the icalfix folder in inputmanagers folder. However it does not say what to do with the Inputmanager folder that comes along with the download.

  18. Robert Blum wrote on 03. Sep 2006

    The InputManager folder was meant as a shortcut, but that didn’t really work out. (Its not installed by default under OSX). So you’re safe to ignore it.

  19. Dana Spiegel wrote on 06. Sep 2006

    I’m having the same issue with the error popup:

    “It seems like you accidentally copied iCalFix into SIMBL support folder. Please remove it and re-install. iCalFix will still continue to run, but this might cause problems in future versions”

    I’ve even tried teno’s suggestion of moving the iCalFix folder to the ~/Library/InputManagers folder, but it doesn’t help at all. I get the same error dialog box regardless of where iCalFix is installed.

    Please help!

  20. Administrator wrote on 08. Sep 2006

    It seems to be a problem with the load order of input managers. It’ll be fixed in the next version of iCalFix. In the meantime, this usually gets resolved by prepending a space to the iCalFix folder name – i.e. ” iCalFix” instead of “iCalFix”.

  21. pH3lixM@N wrote on 15. Sep 2006


    Adding a space before the folder name “iCalFix” DOES fix the issue. But, I really want to know why this trick works.

  22. Administrator wrote on 17. Sep 2006

    It’s a load order issue. If there’s a SIMBL installation that’s named differently, it’s loaded before iCalFix and causes it to choke. (My bad there, will be fixed next release). Renaming iCalFix moves it ahead in the load order.

  23. geoff wrote on 11. Oct 2006

    This is great.

    It works when I setup a meeting, Is it possible to have the same default when I accept a meeting?

  24. George Morris wrote on 11. Oct 2006

    Nice fix! I like the preferences option as well. Now if only iCal would let me decide the REMIND ME IN times. 2 hours, 1 day are just not working for me… What if I usually want to be reminded in 6 hours or 12 hours?

  25. Maxi wrote on 18. Oct 2006

    I´ve create the folder

    USER/Library/InputManagers/ and drag the icalfix.bundle, but i don´t see any change in my ical.

    What´s wrong?


  26. Matthew wrote on 29. Oct 2006


    Would it be possible to add Alarm functionality to “Todo” item. This is a sorely lacking feature in iCal.

  27. Ben Jackson wrote on 15. Nov 2006

    Any chance of tweaking iCalFix to allow the ‘email’ action so I can use the Growl hack (http://subtlegradient.com/articles/2006/07/21/growl-notifications-for-ical-how-to)?

  28. stubbornlikeamule wrote on 22. Nov 2006

    There are 2 features I’d like added both mentioned before:

    1) the default alarm to apply to To Do’s as well as Events 2) the ability to set the alarm as an emailto as opposed to an iCal popup

    Then I think it would be just about perfect!

  29. Al wrote on 28. Nov 2006

    So, I have tried several locations and nothing works… I appareantly am creating the InputManagers folder in the wrong place. I have been trying to put it in the Library folder under My Home folder – no go, it doesn’t load into iCal.

    I am fairly certain that I am adding the proper folder to the InputManagers folder, as there is really only one folder that I can move – once I open the .dmg.

    Does anyone have any advice on how to get this to work properly?


  30. Martin wrote on 07. Dec 2006

    How about this feature:

    Adding an Alarm to Events in the Birthday Calendar.

  31. Bill St. Clair wrote on 07. Dec 2006

    I had to create the /Library/InputManagers folder, but after I did that, and dragged the iCalFix folder from the DMG to there, it worked like a charm. It would be nice to have an icon for the iCalFix button in the iCal preferences dialog.

    Hard to believe that Apple didn’t include this feature. Thank you for making it!

  32. Marc Sedaka wrote on 07. Dec 2006

    Great! Thanks! But like many others, I would much prefer the email alarm to the message alarm. Is this in the works by chance?

  33. David Moore wrote on 04. Jan 2007

    I want to know if alarms can be disabled on published ical. When other colleagues are subscribed they are seeing my alarms. Can I set this so only alarms are seen by me – they aren’t published?

  34. David Moore wrote on 04. Jan 2007

    Never mind. Problem solved.


  35. Claudia wrote on 05. Jan 2007

    Robert I have a little problem… I read the instructions and it said i have to put icalfix into inputmanager folder but i can find it, I look in library as you said in the instructions but nothing. Did I have to create it or install something else? Help me….CD

  36. Rick wrote on 10. Jan 2007

    After updating to 10.4.9 icalfix complains that ical is an incorrect version…

  37. Veronica wrote on 20. Jan 2007

    I was directed here by a juicy tip on the mac rumors forums. I have created the inputmanagers folder in my ibrary, and dragged the bundle over. From there, nothing works. I am not seeing any installation instructions on this site, and have gotten this far only by reading the above replies. Am I missing something??

  38. Rick wrote on 21. Jan 2007


    Hey.. did you create it in your USERS folder, as its supposed to go there..

  39. Rick wrote on 21. Jan 2007

    (as in your Library folder in your user area!)

  40. Huw wrote on 27. Jan 2007

    Great little fix – thanks, Robert! Would it be possible to allow iCalFix prefs to see (and allow choice of) user-added sounds for alarms – I tend to use bespoke sounds for alarms to ensure I hear and respond! Thanks …

  41. Administrator wrote on 30. Jan 2007

    Huw: Hm. That’s strange – iCalFix should collect all the sounds you have
    in your sound library. Where do you store your alarms?

  42. Tom wrote on 06. Feb 2007

    Would it be possible for icalfix to auto-alarm calenders that were imported, rather then created manually?

    My goal here is to have alarms automatically added to baseball schedules from icalshare.com. Thanks!

  43. TJ wrote on 07. Feb 2007

    Just to add to the party. I’d also love if your plugin could activate an applescript as well as growl. In fact, using iCal isn’t worth it for me unless this is possible, and automatic. So thanks a ton for your continued development!

    Oh, and though KGTD would say to drag the todo into the calendar as an event, I’d really like reminders in my todos as well.

    I can’t believe Apple didn’t build this in to start with. Thankfully there are people like you who know what the heck you’re doing.

  44. Rick wrote on 11. Feb 2007

    This is a wonderful fix for a specific problem. I know I’m not the only one to ask but it would be great if you could also add flexibility to the options for snooze, including the abiity to set the snooze interval manually. This is something Apple should have added to begin with. Thank you!

  45. Pete wrote on 15. Feb 2007

    I seem to be running into a common problem. I have tried installing the bundle in both /Library/InputManagers as well as /Library/InputMangers (which I had to create) with no result from either. Can anyone help me out.


  46. Pete wrote on 15. Feb 2007

    OK. It pays to reaad the directions carefully!! Be sure that you copy the iCalFix directory into InputMangers, not just the bundle!


  47. Andreas wrote on 01. Mar 2007

    Thank you so much. How often i create an appointment and forget the fxxxxx alarm Thanks from Dortmund, Germany

  48. Kirb wrote on 09. Mar 2007

    Thanks alot for this fix. I just blew a meeting and couldn’t believe there’s no way to set a preference for Ical and the alarm. I have used a ton of calendars and they all were able to default to using an alarm. Glaring oversight, but now I am much safer from my spotty memory.

  49. iMac Pr0n wrote on 13. Mar 2007

    I’ve been loving iCal Fix since I got it a few months back. Unfortunately, it says it’s not compatible with the updated iCal (2.0.5) that came with the 10.4.9 update. My guess is that it will probably work, but you were just being careful, so that you have a chance to test it before giving your blessing. Please, oh, please, DO test it. I’ll go crazy having to set my calendar alarms by hand after becoming accustomed to iCal Fix doing it automagically.

  50. Peacerich wrote on 14. Mar 2007

    Please, Please make it work with 2.0.5


  51. bazzers wrote on 14. Mar 2007

    Love iCalFix. A feature request, how about: auto-adding alarms for subscribed calendar events? I subscribe to calendars published from gmail calendars which don’t have any alarms. The events are “read only” and I can’t add alarms at all. More (related) wants: — per-subscribed-calendar auto-add alarms. (e.g. 10 minutes before for Office Meeting calendar, 90 minutes before for Other-Side-Of-Town Club calendar.) –option for two alarms to be auto-added to all events (Or to only the events per specific calendar, although even simply” all subscribed-calendar events” would help). Why two alarms? One alarm to help prepare for an announced event (e.g. 6 hours before), the second to make sure your remember to attend it (e.g. 10 minutes before)

    Thanks for iCalFix … and more encouragement for a 10.4.9 iCalFix fix!

  52. David wrote on 14. Mar 2007

    Thanks for spending the time providing this. Can’t quite believe that Apple left it out. You will probably be getting loads of requests from people like me who have upgraded to OSX 10.4.9. Is there any chance of a fix?

    Thanks again

  53. blueuniform wrote on 28. Feb 2009

    I REALLY want to buy an iphone, but the lack of event/appointment reminders is stopping me. You see, I now use a palm centro cell phone. I can use it’s calendar to set up all my daily meetings, appointments, whatever. Then, when one comes up, it goes off with a LOUD ring alert (set to any of several sounds). If it is in my pocket, or in another room, and I don’t pick it up and hit OK, or cancel, it will continue to go off every 15 seconds until it gets my attention. I REALLY want to get an iphone, but I absolutely need to have the iCal app on the iphone to give me a real alert when a scheduled event comes up. The iphone will only give you a small notice on the screen and a SINGLE, quick chirp the way it works right now. IF you miss it, you’re screwed. You can’t hear it in your pocket, or in another room. And, it only gives that silly, pathetic, 1-single chirp! What good is that? As good as the rest of the iphone’s features are, (awesome!), I can’t believe it lacks the basic ability to have iCal give scheduled event alerts. It should go off in a LOUD sound, selectable by the user, and should go off initially for at least 15 seconds, and then every 15 seconds if you don’t respond, so it WILL get your attention. I can’t afford to miss meetings, lunches, scheduled calls, etc. I want to do my daily schedule on my mac, then have it auto sync to iphone thru mobileme, and give me REAL iCal alerts!!!! Until then, I can’t take the chance on iphone.

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    Do you have any

    suggestions on how to get listed in Yahoo News? I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there! Appreciate it

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