I’m still struggling with how to handle backup of all my Internet content – I simply don’t trust anybody to keep data 100% secure. (Something about eggs and a basket…). And I just ran into a solution for backing things up that just might be the right thing: Lifestream Backup

Besides the fact that it has a name that sound like it’s right from the brains of Robert Scoble and Dave Winer, it’s a wonderful solution for this problem – it backs up data from all your various web sources to one central location. (OK, right now it backs up twitter, photobucket and flickr – but more is promised).

The only downside: That one location is on the web too. You can back up to your own S3 account, if you choose so, but “le web” it is. Which means that the data is still technically out of my control, and if I pick my own account, I get to pay the (not insignificant, for a non-business purpose) S3 fees.

As soon as somebody offers this with the option to go to a local disc, my problems are solved. (Yes, I could route to S3, back up from there, delete S3 data. I’d rather pay somebody to do that for me)


  1. Bob Blum wrote on 03. Aug 2009

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